5 Amazing drugstore foundations

5 amazing drugstore foundations

     Hello makeup lovers! It has been a while since my last post, but finally! Here I am with a new post about 5 foundations I'm currently using right now and  I really hope you enjoy these reviews because I didn't expect that coverage for every of those drugstore brands. The best of all? They are really affordable. Let's get started

1-Covergirl trublend 

     This is a light weight foundation , I have oily skin and it doesn't make it cakey. I like the concistency, the fact that is not scented and it's a medium coverage foundation .Looks natural and flawless on your face.

2- Rimmel Clean Finish

      Before applying I noticed the spatula to the inside of the lid, and it makes application easier because it helps you to not waste the product. It promises a clean and 100% poreless finish.  The texture is not heavy but I don't like the scent . After hours applied I noticed my skin was a little cakey (Maybe because i have oily skin) and not 100% poreless at all. I didn't see much coverage either. It hasn't been the best foundation I got, but I think you can make it work, it's only 4 usd. 

3-Loreal true match foundation

     I used this foundation a year ago and if i have to buy it again I would definitely buy it because it has a full coverage and doesn't make my skin cakey!! This one makes your skin poreless. and it also has SPF. Really affordable and great coverage. I really recommend it.

4-Revlon Colorstay foundation

     I have read so many goods reviews about this fantastic foundation,so I decided to give it a try and I didn't expect it to be that great; it's like a medium coverage foundation but it covers almost all of my imperfections and the best of all? It looks really natural on my face :)

5-Maybelline Age Rewind the lifter foundation

     First of all the packaging looks so fancy *.*. The texture is creamy and it applies so so so smoothly! It contains a dual formula : the lifting foundation and a smoothing primer. Its a medium coverage foundation but I don't have to use an additional primer and you have to be careful to not apply to much because it can feel cakey. It's a long lasting foundation that makes it my favorite one!

What about you? Have you ever tried those babies? What do you think about them?

                                                                                Let me know in a comment below