E.L.F. 100 piece eyeshadow palette

      Hellow! A few days ago we did a survey on Twitter and Instagram to know if you guys want us to review the E.L.F. 100 piece eyeshadow palette and tada! YES. So here I am with the swatches of this palette. I hope you guys to enjoy as much as I did♥ Let's get Started♥.♥

     The palette contains a great variety of matte and shimmering shades. I was so excited because it looked awesome and I didn't expect some of the shades were chalky and not pigmented at all! But there are  more pigmented ones as well !

 I didn't apply them wet nor using a primer neither.
 If you use a primer they last longer (4 or 5 hrs). 

     Hope you guys enjoyed this review about this palette. Did you like the swatches? Which kind of shade do you like the most? Are you a shimmery, matte or satin fan? Let me know in a comment. 
                                           A makeup junkie♥